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Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge and City Hall Park

Top : TopShop
Skirt : Topshop
Shoes : Vintage
Bag : Chanel Boy


Blowing Out 28 Candles With My Best Buddies in NYC

Even though I didn't stay at home with my family this year, 
it wasn't that bad !!!
I celebrated my birthday with my best friends at my apartment 
and had a little party at a Thai pub after that.
(We were totally wasted Lol)

This year, I stayed with all new friends 
who I just met in New York
(except for Way--my best friend from high school)
I felt very comfortable and welcomed by them. :)

What really made my day was the greatest present of all
given to me by my boyfriend, Palm. Although Palm is usually busy,
he came from Chicago to visit me here in NYC.

Thanks to Way and Singy for Ipad Mini
And Thanks to myself :) for new Proenza ps11 wallet

Thanks to Cutie Mimi and Way for surprised

Thank you my darling for Hermes bracelet :))


It's funny how every item in this store is a MUST-HAVE!!

I just found this store around East Village NYC and I was like, 
OMG, all the items here are a must-have!!
So, I bought two tops--one is a Celine Dion T-shirt 
and the other one is a YSL, (written without the Y), sweatshirt.
LOL, I love them to the max!


Thank God Spring is Here!!

Finally, NYC is getting warmer.
Woo !!!
Before, I had to cocoon myself in several layers, 
but now I can walk outside with only two layers on!! :)
Yay for me!